Who Is June Weissman?

I am a gifted and talented specialist for the Wyckoff, New Jersey Public Schools, a summer program director for the Summer Institute of the Gifted, a Zumba instructor, a well-meaning parent, a passionate grandparent, a sharing follower of curiosities and wonders, a technology groupie, a hiker, a Candy Crusher, and a friend.  I enjoy facing new challenges and keeping current and relevant.  Authenticity is key to my personality type (INFP) and to my pedagogy.

My interests are eclectic.  They jump from educational innovation to multiverses, personality trait theory to deep sea exploration, Judaica to Jupiter’s auroras, aboriginal cultures to brain theory, and engineering to global classrooms.  This makes me responsive to student interests and modes of production.  My aim is to keep learning relevant and authentic to student ability and interest.  My program affords me this opportunity.

Follow my curated paper at https://paper.li/jweissman3/1441308582#/

and my twitterfeed @jweissman3

I look forward to reading your comments, sharing your visions, and networking with you.

June Weissman


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